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TEDx: Stop Studying. Start Learning.
Dr Justin Sung explains how to connect studying with learning, using the latest research. His TEDx talk rocketed to become one of the top 1% most viewed talks of 2022.
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Monash Lens: Rocky road - The grim trajectory of medical graduates
Dr Justin draws on his experience in medical employability to point out glaring issues in the healthcare training landscape. Published in the internationally prestigious Monash Lens.
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Tech Times: Students are More Stressed than Ever, as They Struggle to Catch Up and Compete Academically
New evidence-based learning techniques are quickly enabling thousands of students around the world to supercharge their brains.
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United Business Journal: Even the most intelligent people are struggling in a remote learning environment
“If you’re not mastering a subject, don’t give up! Experiencing repetitive failures isn’t a reflection on you, it’s a reflection of the study methods you’re using,”...
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A disease particle

Bad Memory is the Symptom of a Chronic Disease

And the disease is called “inefficient learning”. Every day, learners of all ages ask me how to improve their memory. But this is the wrong question. Memory is not a knob in our brain that …

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Woman writing notes on a desk

Note-Taking that Excites: How Your Students Should Be Writing Notes

Linear note-taking has been the traditional method of capturing knowledge for generations of students. That needs to change. The origin of linear notes When I was in high school, I remember falling asleep in history …

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An ominous black box on a desk

Why Students Get Anxious: The Black Box of Learning

“What if I haven’t studied enough?” “What if I get asked a tricky question?” “What if I forget what I studied?” “What if I still have gaps I haven’t found yet?” Well, what if I …

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Figure of Albert Einstein

Becoming an Expert: An Overview of Higher-Order Learning

What is an expert, and how do we become one? In this article, we will explore the characteristics of an expert and their knowledge, how SOLO and Bloom’s revised taxonomy can help us identify higher-order …

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Woman staring out a small window

Some Learners Never Improve: Here’s Why

After years of working with countless learners of all ages, some learners seem to never improve. In 2015, I created a comprehensive learning system for higher-order self-regulated learning. By 2016, I had realised that very …

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A question mark inside a box in a dark room

Evidence-Based is Not Enough: The Research-Practice Gap of Education

As educators, we all strive to provide the best learning experiences for our students. However, implementing evidence-based learning strategies faces numerous challenges due to the complex nature of education systems. In this article, we will …

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Why Bloom’s Taxonomy Is One of the Most Effective Study “Techniques” (Better Than Active Recall)

Remember when you were in Grade 3 or 4, just drawing and listening to stories? Around that time, you might have learned about something called Bloom’s taxonomy, which sounds like a floral classification but is …

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How to Correctly Use Anki Flashcards (And Why Most People Get it Wrong)

If you’re a student, you know what flashcards are. Flashcards can be quite handy, but most students misuse them because flashcards are not as effective as people would have you believe. Did you know that …

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How to Supercharge Your Spaced Repetition & Active Recall (Anki Flashcards)

4-1-7-8-3-5. If I gave you these numbers, how many times do you think you would need to recite them before you’re able to retain them for the next few months? Maybe a few times today, …

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