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Stop Studying. Start Learning. | TEDx
Ever wondered why conventional approaches to learning and revision don’t seem to be working? Dr Justin Sung will explain how some research-backed alternatives can completely transform the learning experience.
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Tech Times: Students are More Stressed than Ever, as They Struggle to Catch Up and Compete Academically
New evidence-based learning techniques are quickly enabling thousands of students around the world to supercharge their brains.
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United Business Journal: Even the most intelligent people are struggling in a remote learning environment
“If you’re not mastering a subject, don’t give up! Experiencing repetitive failures isn’t a reflection on you, it’s a reflection of the study methods you’re using,”...
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How to Improve Your Memory and Forget Less at School or University

Where is All Your Time Studying Spent? If you think about the amount of time you spend studying, you’ll find that a lot of the time is spent on just relearning and revising the stuff …

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