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Justin at TED

Stop studying. Start learning.

Watch Dr Justin Sung, our Head of Learning, talk about how we're changing the way the world learns. His TEDx talk became one of the top 1% most viewed of 2022!
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Most common learning methods prevent you from succeeding.

Modern learners need modern methods. Do you feel like your hard work is going nowhere? Are you stressed, demotivated and struggling to keep up? The latest research shows that these can be symptoms of using outdated learning methods that your brain doesn’t like.

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just 20 minutes every few days.

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Achieve your learning goals. No more sacrificing rest, hobbies and other commitments.
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Say goodbye to wasted time. Stay focused for longer. More than half report not procrastinating anymore at all.
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Our learners become at least 30% more efficient. This means they cover and retain more content in less time.

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