How our programs work

The problem with how we learn

In this video, Dr Justin Sung, our Head of Learning, describes the problem iCanStudy solves for modern learners. He addresses:

  • The black box of learning and how it affects grades, performance, and stress
  • How ineffective methods creates wasted time, effort, and anxiety for learners
  • Fundamental problems with common and "mainstream" methods of learning
  • Disconnects between what a modern learner needs and what they are equipped with

Our solution

In this second video, Dr Justin explains our novel approach to equipping learners with real-world, practical skills to become more efficient and empowered. He explains:

  • The three necessary components of an efficient, life-long learner
  • How we created our breakthrough, evidence-based learning system
  • Our key considerations in training learning skills at scale


Technical documents

Click the links below to view our relevant technical documentation.

  1. Curriculum overview
  2. Report on learning research synthesis
  3. Figure: Map of Learning
  4. HUDLE™ framework white paper
Got questions?

Frequently asked

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Who are the programs for?

Our academic program is ideal for students working through structured curriculums. This includes high school and university syllabuses, postgraduate study, as well as professional certification exams. Our learners study a wide range of subjects and disciplines and cover the full spectrum of achievement from those wanting to more confidently secure a pass mark to global top rankers.

The minimum age we recommend is 13 years old. The median age is approximately 23. There is no maximum age.

You can read more about our academic program to see if it's suitable for your needs here.

How much time do I need to commit?

Our programs are designed to give you consistent, high-yield improvements on a weekly basis with as little as 20 to 30 minutes every few days. They are created with busy learners in mind.

You can expect to spend a couple of hours per week learning new theories and techniques, which you apply and refine by replacing your existing learning strategies. More than five hours per week of new theory is not advised as it will likely cause cognitive overload unless you apply and gain experience using these techniques for over 50 hours per week.

Although total mastery over all of the principles and techniques can technically take years, over 90% of our learners feel that they have achieved noticeable improvements within four weeks, with only 20 to 30 minutes of new theory and techniques every few days. 

The total time you invest depends on the skill level and learning efficiency you need for your goals and challenges. Most of our learners continue this training for 6 to 9 months, at which point their efficiency is high enough to reach most of their future learning goals. However, this will vary depending on your baseline and target goal.

Why are the programs more expensive than some other learning courses?

Our program is the most affordable learning skills training program available that includes personalised feedback and support. Our programs are unique in that:

  1. They cover learning extremely comprehensively with step-by-step lessons covering the full spectrum of learning needs and challenges.
  2. The training program has been tested and refined across years of close evaluation and coaching across tens of thousands of learners.
  3. Members have access to our team of highly trained coaches for personalised feedback on work and Q&A.
  4. Our program is constantly updating with new content, lessons, and resources.
  5. There are regular live coaching sessions every week.

If you need financial support, we have a range of scholarships we award generously so that inequity or finances are never a barrier to accessing quality education. You can apply for scholarships here.

Is there support for neurodiversity?

While our course is not fully optimised at this time for neurodiverse individuals, many of our neurodiverse students have found success by using the course and following additional guidelines included in the program.

ASD, ADHD, Dyslexia and processing difficulties

Our methods are based on core learning processes of the human brain which do not seem to be as dominantly affected by common learning disabilities such as ASD, ADHD and dyslexia. This is unlike most conventional learning techniques, which heavily rely on processes that those with ADHD, ASD and dyslexia are most impacted by.

We have observed that correct utilisation of the techniques helps to empower learners to minimise the impact of learning limitations that are posed by neurodiverse conditions while fully utilising the strengths that neurodiverse individuals have. These strengths are traditionally underutilised in conventional education systems.

For neurodiverse individuals considering our program, please read our article here to help guide your decision. If your question is not answered, please contact our support team.

It sounds too good to be true! Can I talk to anyone who has done the program?

Our results are unbelievable. We understand! Our program is the first time research on learning has been consolidated at this level with such a practical lens. We are actively working on researching and publishing our methodologies and results in partnership with Monash University. You can read our technical and methodological documents here.

You can also join our Discord community here and talk to members going through the program right now! Or read our hundreds of reviews on TrustPilot here.