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Guided by HUDLE™

We consolidated decades of research on learning to learn. The result was HUDLE™: a novel, evidence-based framework that teaches hyper-practical learning skills that make a real impact. It stands for Holistic Upskilling of Deep processing and Learning Efficiency. All of our programs follow the HUDLE™ guidelines. 

We created HUDLE™ to solve real problems faced by 21st Century learners:

  • Learners are rampantly led astray by anecdotal tips and tricks that over-promise and under-deliver.
  • Many common "techniques" fail under real-world pressures like limited time, resources, and energy.
  • Mainstream views on "learning to learn" are grossly oversimplified and research is often cited superficially. This leads to failure, frustration, and wasted effort by learners trying to improve.

Delivered through our world's-first, state of the art learning platform

Most online learning is painfully unenjoyable. That's why we worked in partnership with Google to completely re-imagine what "online learning" looks like.

Our platform helps you:

  • Visualise and precisely track your skill development
  • Get rapid, individualised feedback on your real work and notes
  • Test your skills with interactive, real cases from other learners

Our programs

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Academic program

For students

Our famous academic program trains you to study, retain, and retrieve information more efficiently. Our step-by-step program takes you through the complete recipe for effective learning. Tackle your exams and assignments with confidence and consistency.

The academic program is designed to be a complete solution for studying. Perform better in exams, manage large studying volumes, stress less, and gain more confidence.

Time required: 20 to 30 minutes every 2 to 3 days.

Who is it for?

The academic program is suitable for people who are studying in structured learning environments for curriculums and examinations.

Examples include:

  • Secondary school
  • Most university papers (especially STEMM)
  • Post-graduate work, including PhD
  • Professional courses and exams (e.g. CA/CPA/CFA)

This program is particularly beneficial for learners managing heavy workloads, including full-time professionals engaging in simultaneous studying.

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Professionals program

For professionals

Learning efficiently is a competitive superpower. This no-nonsense program trains your ability to learn effectively in diverse situations. Gain the skills to rapidly acquire new knowledge, build genuine expertise, and use your knowledge in complex ways. 

This program is designed to accommodate the busy professional. Maximise your learning efficiency, whether you’re in a meeting room, seminar, listening to an audiobook, or just trying to keep up in your industry.

Time required: 20 to 30 minutes every 2 to 3 days.

Who is it for?

The professionals program is suitable for people doing less structured learning in diverse contexts. Many professionals will also enrol in our academic program if they are studying in more “traditional” settings, such as courses and certification exams.

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