Professionals learning program

Hyper-efficient learning
for busy professionals

A guided, no-nonsense program to boost your learning efficiency to keep up with your goals. Join our waitlist to be notified when our program launches.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

When will the professionals program launch?

We are currently scheduled for a mid-2025 release. If you want to improve your learning skills earlier, consider joining the academic program. Thousands of professionals use the academic program to improve their professional learning skills. 

The main difference is that the academic program includes techniques that you may not need as a professional learner, and the examples are not tailored for professional work. The professionals program will also include techniques exclusive to professional, unstructured settings which are not covered in the academic program. 

When the professionals program is launched, all current members will receive an exclusive discount.

I want to get started straight away. What can I do?

Our professionals program is tailored for the unique needs of busy professionals in unstructured, often self-directed learning environments.

If you would like to get started straight away, we recommend joining our academic program. The core principles, theories and even some of the techniques are similar, and we have thousands of professionals using the academic program for their learning needs already.

You will find the academic program especially beneficial if you are learning for formal courses, certifications, or studying within set curriculums.

Who is the professionals program for?

Our professionals program is tailored to the unique needs of busy professionals in unstructured, often self-directed learning environments. It is built off our experience working with thousands of professionals globally, ranging from software development to accounting to entrepreneurship.

It focuses on learning that is usually self-directed or unstructured and when there is limited time to learn with the need for immediate, sometimes high-stakes application of knowledge. Unlike the academic program, it does not emphasise academic-specific skills that are often unnecessary in the workplace, such as exam preparation or repetitive rote memorisation.